Phone Sex

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So, as you can see, I have huge jugs. Get it out of your system. Go ahead: Jugs, Tits, Boobs, Knockers, TaTas, Mammaries, Bosoms, Breasts, Brestesess, Cleavage, Bazookas, Fun Bags, Rack, Melons, Hooters, Cans, Mugumbos, Breasticles, The Girls, Bouncers, Baloons, Honkers, Chesticles, the Twins, Airbags, Bangers, Headlights, Watermelons, Twin Peaks, and a thousand others I have heard but can’t think of at the moment.

Okay, so every woman has breasts. They usually range in size from “A” (commonly referred to as the “Itty Bitty Titty Committe,” to “C” which most men would consider well endowed. Some women brag when the hit the “D” club, which includes D’s (large) Double D’s (larger), and Triple D’s (often thought to be largest)!

However, some of us found out that our brains forget to say “stop growing” to the area south of our neck. We zipped through D’s, Double D’s and Triple D’s and went to E’s or F’s. Some got to G’s. Me, though, when something forgets to happen in my brain, it’s a doozy. My boobs are H’s. Yep H’s. Try playing volleyball with H’s. Try jumping rope. Try riding a horse. (Okay, I can see you laughing just thinking about that image).

At any rate, my body’s malfunction can now be your pleasure.

That’s right, your pleasure.

Have you ever felt up an H? They are closer to watermelon size than anything you’ve ever experienced.

So....would you like to feel me up? Would you like to put your head between my tits and get smothered? And come on, has anybody read this far into this ad and not already wondered what it would be like to titty fuck me???? Be honest

So, go ahead and give me a call. Let’s talk dirty, have some fun, maybe tell a joke or two, and than let’s put your dick between my tits and have the ride of your life. Hell, I can’t ride horses any more. I might as well ride you.