Phone Sex

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Hi guys! I don’t really know how I got to be 18 and still a virgin. The guys are certainly interested. They tell me I’m pretty. Enough of them have certainly tried to pop my cherry. I was just too busy being a cheerleader, homecoming queen and almost made valedictorian.

I graduated High School in December, and am going to start college in the fall. Now, with time on my hands, I am noticing that I am definitely horny!

So...maybe I’ve been in a time warp. But now that I’m back among the living, I realize that I have a great body and really want to use it. The problem is that I’m behind the curve. All the guys I know expect that I know more about sex than I really do. I’m kind of afraid to be one on one with a real guy.

That’s where you come in. I signed up on nite flirt so that maybe one of you guys could kind of teach me what to do. You know, tell me how to touch myself and touch you. Maybe help me not be so innocent and shy. I’ve got some toys I bought, they’re next to my bed, and I’ve used a vibrator (that’s exciting), but I’ve never had the nerve to put anything up inside me. Maybe if one of you tells me how to do it, I could work up the nerve to do it.

I think it would be fun to do all this over the phone, with you kind of leading me the whole way and getting me wet and being slow and gentle with me.

I’m really looking for a teacher. Are you the one to give me My First Time?

Call me now, I’m ready.