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Fetish Princess Ashley

Fetish Princess Ashley's SHOPPING SPREE

You puny insignificant maggot. You think that a perfect princess like me would even consider being in your presence without you doing SOMETHING amusing for me? Hah! The only way that you're ever going to get my attention is to open that wallet of yours and spend until you're broke! I dont care if I'm taking your lunch money. I dont care if you're going to be completely broken after I'm done with you. You're not the first and certainly wont be the last fucker I ruin. I'd rather see you eat garbage and keep my wallet full than try to be a lame cheapskate and eat well. And if you dont give me everything I desire, I'll blackmail it out of you. I'll know every last detail of your pathetic existance and I wont hesitate to exploit you for everything. I could care less if your life is ruined by me. I'm also an incredibly bratty little princess. You dont give me what I want, I'll pout, I'll throw a tantrum, I will make you wish you were never born, because its all about me. Its all about providing this pretty little princess everything she ever desires. You'll provide me with italian leather gloves, Prada boots, Dior handbags and more. All the while you walk around in rags you stinking piece of shit. Know this, you are worth NOTHING to me and the only reason I'll even bother paying attention to you is when you open that wallet and take me SHOPPING!