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Not tonight (or ever!) dear, I have a headache!

Melanie's! Now Open For Business!

want more pictures? HUNDREDS more with HUNDREDS more to come! Find more sets of brand new galleries here!

Welcome to the Melanie store. Here you will find an assortment of activities for you to occupy yourselves with. I'm available to speak to you, too, of course...for a "reasonable" fee. Play my games like good little robots. You'll enjoy the serenity that comes with giving me all of your hard earned money. When I've taken it all, and you're sitting alone in your trance, you'll enjoy the panic of trying to figure out what you'll tell your wife and/or kids, friends, landlord, and bank this time.
Collect all the pieces of the puzzle, and win pictures! A mindless little game for all you morons who don't wanna have to think to pay me. :)

Totally original games with prizes at every level. Some games feature my great story telling skills, others are illustrated stories that even you can follow. Remember -- you gotta PAY to PLAY!

Remember there are plenty more pictures onmy other listingsfor you to choose from. In total I have over 600 high resolution photos for you to be enamored with, with plenty more to come! See something you like and crave more? Message me and maybe if the price is big enough, I'll sell you more of me. Copy some of them and place in your wallet to prove to the guys you work with that you actually DO have a wife. LOL.

More reading materials, contracts, etc. for you to pour over. Before you ask me anything in email you should check out these documents that I created with you in mind. Many of your questions will be answered here and save me the annoyance of having to tell you the same thing twice. Especially in email where you think you'll be getting your Wifey for free. Think (Read) it over, dreamettes. Then call me for any clarification.