Phone Sex

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This is the line for broke losers. Who only have the privledge to be ignored by me!

Every time you come to Bank of Perfection you will always be in contact with Miss Annette, the CEO of the bank.

Our hours of Operation are 24 hours 7 days a week. We provide several different ways of depositing your money.

1. You may call our customer service line when it is available. Miss Annette will help with all your banking questions live. There she can send PPV Deposit request via email. Or the Raise the Rate Option as well. This option is one of her favorites. Depending on your account Miss Annette will give over the phone confirmation when deposits have been confirmed (usually with amusement , or humiliation of some sort, assignments, dress up with photos to be sent to her).

2. You can do the direct deposit method. No contact necessary. And you will get a confirmation of your deposit as soon as it is processed.

3. You can call the 24 hour recorded customer service line. This is where your telephone and computer is required. Below is the link to the page.

We also can discuss many account options on how to deposit your money.The pay button below will send your email the different types of accounts offered by Bank Of Perfection for only $2.50 NEW ACCOUNTS HAVE BEEN ADDED FOR 2011



Disclaimer: There are min. deposits depending on the type of account you want to open. We also encourge you to open more than one account. This new way of Banking is a new fun way , instead of the boring old way of being financially dominated. If you would like to participate with the Direct Deposit Program., feel free to use the pre-made deposit buttons below. This is a fast and easy service. Oh and remember confirmations will be sent out once deposit has been process.

*Shopping- I love spending Your money I like think about making you come with me into all he girly shops and carry my bags like a good bitch!

*Key holding - I will lock you in chastity and hold your key or you can post it to me and lock your clitty away yourself.

*Wallet Rapes- I will empty you wallet mmmm.

*ATM rapes- You will give me your Pin number and watch as i drain your bank.

*Phone Domiation- You will do what i tell you to do!

*Phone Humiliation- I will mock you and laugh at your patheticness on the phone

*Consensual blackmail - You will fill in one of my blackmail form...i will take over you life.

*Humiliation- you will do whatever i tell you to do...and i will sit back, relax and enjoy myself

*Verbal abuse- I will verbally abuse you. talk down to you and remind you what a loser you are


$10 Deposit

$25 Deposit

$50 Deposit

$100 Deposit

$500 Deposit

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ignore line, financial domination, shut up, loser, pig, milked, wallet drain, money pig, bank, silent, hold line, wanker, idiot, weak