Phone Sex

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Teen Hottie hypnotized for your enjoyment!

Remember when you first discovered girls, and you wished you could have your way with them? Didn't you wish there was some potion or magic formula that would render girls helpless to you? Imagine what this power over girls could mean to your sex life! Well, you don't have to imagine it anymore! I am a certified Helpless Hypnotized Hottie! We are a group of submissive women who have been hypnotized and programmed into being the perfect little WHORES for you!

Hypnotic Guy has conditioned our bodies to respond to hypnotic trigger words. There's a word that makes it feel like you just pinched our nipples! Another word feels like you're pounding our asses, and another feels like you're licking our pussies. There's even a series of words that you can say to us to get us horny, hornier, and then dying to cum. We respond to these 10 trigger words anytime Hypnotic Guy says them to us, but you can have this same control over us too! All it takes to have this control over us is purchase the $10 list of trigger words that we respond to, and then we'll be yours totally and completely to play with.


My name is CeCe - and I've been working here on Niteflirt for the past year. I've often wondered about these hypnotic hotties - and now I'm pleased to be one of them!

Being conditioned to respond to these trigger words makes every experience that much more hot and exciting for me. I didn't think it was possible - but whoa(!) is it!!

For all of my regulars - you'll surely want to give this a try. Work the words into our fantasies we already share - and take our playtime to an even more enjoyable level. If you and I have not been introduced and this is our first time speaking - thank you for coming to dream with me! *wink* You'll be glad you did!