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Princess Samantha

Small Penis Humiliation Teasing and Cuckholding!

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When you need a little more Sammy, you know where to get it. I love humiliating losers like you. You may not have a small dick, but if your reading this you're a loser. I've been known to make grown men like you cry.

So your dick is small, and no one wants it. It's time to get use to that. You know that it's not going to get any bigger, and the only action that your gonna get is your well-used hand, and maybe a pocket pussy.

I know the pocket pussy is loose for your little Vienna sausage, but that's life when you have to hold your dick with a pair of tweezers. It's not a Chia Pet that you can add water to and it will grow. IT'S SMALL AND IT WILL ALWAYS BE SMALL!
Do you think you could satisfy me? You can't be serious. You think THAT little pathetic piece of skin could satisfy THIS Princess? You must be joking. I can't even call that a pencil dick, because the pencil is bigger than you are!

To all other losers:

What are you laughing at loser? Do you find it funny that some men have a small cock. You wouldn't even know what a pussy looks like if you didn't have all the porn magazines stuffed under your mattress. You have a bigger cock, but you still buy lotion by the gallon because your not seeing any action. Even with your bigger cock you can't get any attention, that's sad. You're weak-willed, led by your cock, and you still think you have what it takes to run with real men? You're wrong, loser.All losers call, because you know that you don't have anyone else to call!
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