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RUSSIAN Lady Gatta I own your body and soul.....

Who am I.....I am the Goddess, The Ruler of your desires and dreams...I am the One who will take you to hell and back...but you will think you were in Heaven, and will live only by your desire to be returned there.... My sheer sexuality is beyond imagination... Some call Me Elila, others refer to Me as Dark Queen.... Bow before Me. Worship Me. Attend Me. Spare nothing for Me. Serve Me. My dark erotic powers are tremendous and irresistable. Beware, once you open My can not go back. I dont put you on chain, I do not hold you....but are not going away....your place is by My My pet, My servant, My slave, My everything and anything I desire you to be. My humiliation is an honor for you, My tortures are more then welcomed, your body trembles each and every time you hear My cold demanding whisper, for I never shout, but My words cut air like knives cut flesh......Remember that.... Now that you enter My domain, your body, your mind, your soul, your heart are Mine! You surrender them voluntarily, for its the biggest thrill in your life to be owned By Goddess... Treasure every minute, each second......for you are the most fortunate man DOMINATION IN RUSSIAN AND ENGLISH WITH COMMANDS IN GERMAN AND HEBREW