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Not Your Angel

Wearing Lingerie, Messing w/Mind & Wallet ~ PPVs 2

Haven't you always wanted the trailer trash girl to tease & seduce you? You've seen her delicates hanging on the line to dry... Panties, garters, stockings waving in the breeze... And you've wondered about this trailer trash girl...

You've sat outside, waiting & watching for Me and every now & then -- just as you prayed for -- the wind has blown My dress up giving you a glimpse of Me & My lingerie. A glimpse of stocking (or more) so shocking!

Only it didn't last long enough for you to see every last detail...
Now, with Trailer Trash Angel's Lingerie Amusement Ride, you can take your time to study each & every photo...

** The Trailer Trash Angel Lingerie Amusement Ride **

Like any amusement park proprietress, I have size requirements for my thrill rides: Since your dick is so tiny and thin your wallet must be what's big enough to get on this ride (but don't worry, I'll change that from thick & fat to flat!)

Like most roller coaster rides, I too have rules about your hands: You must not touch, rub, or otherwise attempt to relieve yourself.

If and when you stop before you reach the end, if and when you do not follow directions, then I'll know you wanked. Worse yet, I'll know that your wallet's too thin for you to even try to fake it.

That's not impressive.

And a man like you, with a cock that small, really needs something to impress a girl.

It doesn't matter how cheap & trashy folks may think I am -- I'm still what you crave. Teasing with My body in pretty lingerie makes you weak. I control you -- I win.

So if at any point along the ride you want to get off, too fucking bad. I control this ride and I'll decide when and if you can get off.

* lingerie fetish
* panties
* garters & stockings
* lingerie tease
* panty boys
* tease & denial

I see you watching me, piggy...

And while I'm at it, I'll take your money too.

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