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TWE (The Wifexperience).like a GFE - ONLY WORSE!

It's my bday today, bitches! Celebrate the day I was born by worshiping me! Pay & Play the birthday game where you will pay dearly for tons of high quality (5M's and over!)pics of MOI! Your day just got better - now make sure mine surpases it...

Why Hello There. My name is Melanie - but you can call me wifey - because that is exactly who I am going to be. You know all about the girlfriend experience and it doesn't appeal to you one little bit, does it? What you really need is the wife experience. What is the wife experience? As if you don't know!

The Wife experience is where you and I pretend we're married and act just like hubby and wifey. You go to work and earn all that cash - and I sit at home and spend it. You come home from work and you don't expect dinner to be waiting for you - You expect to make it for me ... if I'm home. I'll ignore you - nag a little bit and complain about how little you do for me. And then we go to bed.

In Separate bedrooms. hahah!

Your friends and co-workers call me a bitch of course, but you're not convinced this marriage won't work. I am, after all drop dead gorgeous - and maybe if you work hard enough I just might pay attention to you and give in to your requests for a little bit of affection. Even if I don't - I'm so fuckin good to look at - sex really isn't that important, is it? (Nod your head yes and say "of course dear". Verrrrry good!)

So give me a call and propose to me. Drop down on one knee and give me something pretty. Let's get married. Playing house never looked (or felt!) so good!