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Mistress Mercy's Cam for Losers!


This line is for all you pathetic wankers who either don't believe I really am the girl in the picture or just need my beautiful Goddess face to cream your sheets over while you sleep. Couldn't be for wanking, it takes too much effort for you to even find your little wee-mee.

A few rules for the road. I don't get naked on cam. In fact, I don't even take orders so if thats what you want, don't bother Mr. Wank My Peanut. If you are calling this listing after midnight, chances are I am not made up... and I have no intention of wasting the time to get made up just for you. I've made this listing primarily to confirm that I am truly the Goddess you see. Anything else beyond that is a bonus and you should thank your pathetic little stars that I even waste the keystrokes to flip on the cam.

 I don't want to hear any bitching, whining, or complaining about the cam quality either. If I happen to actually be at my desk, then the quality is great because I use my better cam. If I am not at my desk, then you will just have to live with the cam that is built into my laptop.

Will I look at you on cam as well? Sure, if you pay a loser tax first. Because frankly, I don't need to see your cam to know just how pathetic you are. But if you want to pay for the pleasure, I'll happily rape your wallet for the priveledge.


Yes, your Queen is a gamer! Right now I am actively playing World of Warcraft. If you would like to join your Queen in Azeroth, click the button! You can join me on my server, or….for a hefty fee…. I can join you on yours. This button gives access to my server and character name.