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I can offer you bascially anything you desire. This is a brief description of what I can offer but I am not limited so give me your suggestions! I'm talented in many areas and very well blessed in the TNA department! I've perfected my oral skills and I absolutely LOVE showing them off. I am always up for something new and I'm looking for a challenge. I'm alot of fun and full of energy and your guarnteed to fall under my spell. I have alot to offer so come check me out! I love to perform so what ever you ask of me I'll do. I just LOVE being of service,(especially to men)so come and tell me what I can do for YOU! I would like to take some request for videos. tell me what you wanna see. You can send me your fantasies, and i can write, preform them for you! whatever you want. HERE'S A LITTLE BIT ABOUT "ME" I'm a single mom and I work 2 jobs. I've had a c-section so don't demand physical perfection from me because my personality more than makes up for it. clearly you can see my size in my pics, so don't be an ass when you leave feed back because I'm not fat. I'm clearly thick and I've lost over 70 pounds in the last year. I am a college student. I want to major in radiology. My brains are as big as my heart. Be straight forward and specific with me. I am not a mind reader.(Remember, unless you're one of my frequent cusomers, hi guys!, you gotta give me a lil somethin to work with. By nature I'm more submissive, but I can become anything and everything. You start the story and I'll write the ending! When I say, tell me what you like, or tell me your desires, just do it! Don't try to make me guess that's just going to frustrate both of us. Remember, I don't know you and I don't know anything about you until you open up to me! DO NOT ASK FOR: anything with animals, no talking about minors in a sexual mannor ot at all THIS INCLUDES ROLEPLAYING(I.E. DON'T SAY "IMAGINE I'M YOUR BROTHER..., OR PRETENDING I'M 16 OR SOMETHING TO THAT EFFECT"), I will not inflict injury to myself or anyone/thing else. I had someone see me shut my office door, do not ask for me to open it because it has to be shut. DO NOT TRY TO HUMILATE ME!! I am a real person with real feelings. img src="" width="320" height="240" border="0">