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Catholic SchoolGirl Craves BBC!.

So I’m playing some violent video games on my computer when I hear the annoying sound of my doorbell. Now usually it’s some damn door to door salesman so I tend to ignore it. But then it rang again. Ok. So maybe it’s an actual human being that wants to talk to me about something other than pest control or satellite TV. So I open the door and there is the hottest fucking catholic schoolgirl I’ve ever seen. I mean, pretty much any chick in that outfit is hot. But this girl was fucking hot. And she had the complete getup too. My eyes darted to her cute little shoes, I followed up her white knee high stockings to the smoothest legs I’d ever seen. Then to her blue plaid miniskirt which whisked in the slight summer breeze. I followed up to her blue shirt which seemed just a couple sizes too small, exposing her smooth, soft belly. Damn, I was getting hard already. This shirt was definitely not big enough for those breasts. They were definitely a DD cup and hugged tightly by that shirt. I could see every curve. And the redness of her bra was slightly showing through. Despite the 80 degree weather, her tits were rock hard, and I almost was too. She wore a blue tie around her soft little neck that yearned to be kissed. She seemed innocent enough, but everything about her just screamed ‘Fuck Me’. I had to fight off all my urges to reach out and grab her tight little ass and embrace this object of lust that stood before me. This girl had a gorgeous, innocent smile that on any other day might have cleansed my mind of any naughty thoughts about her. But my mind was already too far gone. I’d only just opened the door and already had a hard on. So I adjusted my stance slightly as to not draw attention to my very awake member. Her face was dotted with tiny cute freckles and her eyes shone more of that innocence that emanated from all about her. Her natural brown hair was drawn back into two pig tails that bounced up and down as she tilted her head to look at me and smiled even further than before.

“Hi, I’m from Edison School for Girls. We’re raising money for our French class to take a trip to Europe to learn about the other cultures and to practice what we’ve learned so far and stuff. So I’m selling candy bars, would you be interested?” She asked in kind of a ditzy teenager voice.

“Sure,” I replied, “what do you got?”

She rose up a briefcase-like cardboard box with all kinds of goodies inside. I took a step forward and glanced at what she had to offer. Twix, Snickers, Reeces Peanut Butter Cups. The typical candy assortment they give these kids. And my eyes drifted again to those gorgeous tits. They were so nice and firm. I just couldn’t stop dreaming about getting that shirt off her. I raised my head up to speak to her and noticed that her eyes had drifted too. I followed her eyes to find that as I took a step forward to check her goods, mine had shifted from their safe haven. And my bulge was clearly visible. I looked back at her face again and squeezed out an awkward, embarrassed smile. She was biting her lower lip and continued to stare back at me. Her eyes seemed to have changed. Less innocence, more deviousness.

“ My mind has got to be playing tricks on me,” I thought to myself. “There’s no way this is going to happen. This is total fantasy; it can’t become reality.”

“ So Mister, you wanna get some or what?” the schoolgirl asked with a playful grin.

“ Oh YES,” I practically screamed. “Oh yes, the candy. Umm.. let me get my wallet.”

I looked around the house for my wallet. And tried to think of something else. Algebra. Video games. Anything to get my mind off those soft breasts and legs. Programming. School. Schoolgirls. sex. No. I have to get my mind off those soft lips wrapped around my cock and sucking. Moving her head, pig tails and all, up and down, faster and faster until I fucking explode. FUCK. STOP. This isn’t helping.

After what felt like an eternity, I finally found my wallet lying on my dresser. I came back to the front door to find my little schoolgirl had come in and shut the front door. Her box of goodies laid on the floor and she was in the kitchen getting a glass of ice water.

“ I hope you don’t mind,” the schoolgirl said playfully, “I’m just so hot.”

“No, it’s ok. I remember what it’s like to go door to door selling candy”

I noticed something different about the young schoolgirl. I had remembered before seeing the red outline of her bra through that shirt of hers. But now it seemed like she was wearing nothing underneath that tight little white shirt. My mind must be playing tricks.

“So how much is the candy?” I asked. I had given up being embarrassed about and trying to hide my erect cock.

“2 dollars each.” The schoolgirl replied and walked towards me. Call now to see what happens next!. Talk to ya soon!.

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