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Whats your Darkest Desires



">Do you need to be broken?


">Do you think you are bi curious?


">Are you a housewife bored with you husband lame attempts at passion?


">Do dream of Black and White?


">I know what you need and I have it here.  I am your Dark Knight.  I am your fantasy.  Regardless of your sex or sexual preference, I will take you a place you have never been. 

">Gentlemen.  Your wife thinks you are a joke.  You know you are not man enough to satisfy her so stop trying.  Turn her over to me and watch a what happens when she experiences the Dark Side.  You deserve to be broken, and plan on taking you there as many times as I like.

">Ladies.  Your man is lame.  He no longer desires you because you gained a few pounds and he just feels you are boring. So now he is out sleeping with some college cheerleader while your sexual tension grows and burns inside.  You should feel as beautiful as you are.  You should have passionate words whispered into you ears that stir erotic emotions that pulsate though-out your sex starved body.  You should feel like an Empress.  You should experience the wickedness of true passion.