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Im Gonna Teach you how to....

Shes a Very Freaky girl

We Meet at a Popular night club.
You just cant take your eyes off of me and i use that to my advantage.

Im sitting on the speaker. you are across from me...
"Come Closer to me" i tell you, However you cannot hear me over the sound of music and people chatting.
I point my finger at you, give you the notion to get over here..
you proceede to walk closer into my direction.
As your walking up to me i uncross my legs and spread them slightly.
You look down and see my white victorias secret thong underwear.
You also happen to notice a little buldge print.
this instantly turns you on. Could this be that special girl that you been secretly wanting to Experience? Whats in those panties? How can i find out? Is this a Shemale? Why me? These questions race across your mind as you continue on your path to me.
You stand Directly in front of me so you can get a better look at the whole package girl in front of you.
Starting down at my perfectly peticured feet you notice my Betsy Johnson high heeled sandles, your eyes slowly move up my long, sexy, shiny, smooth legs... and your eyes just stop where my legs meet my body. looking under my dress you see that im wearing white silk victorias secret panties. you notice the buldge has gotten a little bit bigger from when you seen it last, Your eyes continue to graze upward past my Designer Striped Tunic Dress, your eyes stop..
your now focused on my face. My lips covered in Mac lusterglass lip gloss .. i let out a little smile.
You open your mouth and Stutter "You... Wan...ted me?" I reach for your hand and put it between my legs and say "Yes i did, and i still do want you. but its going to cost you... and in the process of taking your money.. im going to teach you how to .... ".......

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