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Goddess Rayna The Original Elite Snob

Web Cam Services:
A tribute through Niteflirt is necessary for me to offer you the privilege of contacting me this way. A tribute must be sent within 5 minutes or received prior to our chat.If I do not see Tribute in My account within the first 5 minutes, our session will be stopped and you will be ignored until it is received. No exceptions.
There will be NO nudity, on my part . Nor real sexual acts performed by me. To request this is an insult to Me. If you make any request of that nature, I will immediately ignore you

**For extreme Fetish play with phone and cam see my "Personalized Sessions" section below
Shows that I offer (All shows are set up by appointment only)
Currently the fetish shows and services I offer are as follows:ALL SHOWS INCLUDE PHONE SERVICES THROUGH NITEFLIRT

Smoking fetish:
This includes, you watching me smoke cigarettes of my choice (if you have a preference you have to add a $5.00 fee on to the price of the show for the price of cigs). During this session I will humiliate you, laugh and tease you. It can be very sexual, I do not do nudity, because I'm not a whore like you, but I do wear very revealing attire. If you want to see what i'll be wearing or want to request something specific, let me know and/or you can purchase a picture package from me through niteflirt. Every session is unique and entertaining. I can do personalized Cam sessions. Meaning, your request could be answered. But of course it'll cost you! When our session starts I will immediately begin, no delaying. of course i'll greet you to make sure we have a strong connection then begin. Before a cam session you have to be a recognized slave. Meaning you have to fill out my application with the $20.00 tribute first so that I know your want's, fetishes and boundaries.
Lipstick Fetish:
Some of the same rules apply here as with the smoking fetish. If you want to see me use a specific color other than what I offer you can request it but of course there will be a fee. These sessions are also very erotic, I'm sure you'll be thinking about the lipstick being you're tiny dick.. LOL. I'll tempt and torture you until you explode from your naughty perverted thoughts.. LOL. I'll make you feel like you have a purpose...!!
Foot Fetish/Sexy Shoe Fetish: Ok, I dont have any sneek peeks for this so I'll be a little more specific. You can watch me put on my sexy shoes. I'll put them on, rub them, touch them and lick them. SO Erotic!! For foot fetish sessions you can watch me put my toe nail polish on, put socks on, nylons etc. Like I said, I need your application to know what your perverted desires are.
Phone Sessions:
I do phone humiliation, Sissy role play, feminization, Goddess worship, Ignore calls and Old Fashioned whips and chains Domination. You can get these without a cam as well

Ignore Calls- For those of you who may not know, are a form of humiltaion. You're never worthy to be able to really talk to me. You have a small dick and are a complete loser. Why would I ever talk to you? *LOL* So if you try to call me I'll let it ring and ring and ring, then if I do answer I'll laugh and humiliate you. Or maybe I'll let you listen to my answering machine message with all of my sweet insults waiting for you!

For the rest of you, if you dont know what some services are or entail just send me a message with your questions.
Personalized or Special Sessions:
I Do personalized sessions Via Webcam and phone together ONLY. If you want me to indulge your special fetish perversions than it has to be all or nothing. (now dont get confused not all Cam sessions with phone are considered special or personalized. Just the very specific ones that I Go over with you. You'll know if you have a special session) Let me make a few rules Clear about these and all sessions first.
  • 1.) I will not do porn! If I was a whore I would already be doing it! Dont ask! Porn to me includes: Nudity, Masturbation on my part, or showing my Tits, Bare Ass or Pussy. You have the luxury of asking me for a fetish request and me possibly indulging you, thats it!

  • 2.) I will not give any discounts on personalized sessions. Don't ask or beg. You should only beg me for things when you are instructed to do So!!

  • 3.) I will never give any "free bes".

  • 4.) I do not have to except your requests. If I don't like the subject matter Oh well!! Too bad! Don't whine about it. No negotiating.

  • 5.) Prices are subject to change. For example: Lets say you want a foot fetish show, and make a request to see me put on red nail polish, then, put on a specific shoe, and worship my feet etc. and I agree. Then when the session begins you decide you would like to see me put on fishnet stockings and look at my entire leg, before the shoe goes on, and I accept your request on the spot. I'll charge you for an, "add on fetish" during our sessions. All personalized/special sessions are set up in advance so I know what to do and if they suddenly change than I charge. Understand?

  • 6.) I will not suck a dildo! Or any other large falic symbol. Lollipops and popsicles are ok but no gaging or torture requests will be answered. Remember YOU'RE the bitch here!

  • 7.) Even though my policy on nudity and "porn" related subject matter is strict, that doesn't mean our sessions won't be sexy. I'm always sexy and will always dress for the occasion.