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flaw·less (flô'lĭs) adj. Being entirely without flaw or imperfection:
Empress Viktoria is inconceivably flawless

Dislikes: number 1 - I DO NOT like you… now that we are clear on that I dislike selfish slaves who think for some reason the world revolves around their wants. REALITY CHECK… it revolves around Me! *blushes*. I do not provide ANY nude pictures/web cam EVER

Likes: little boys willing to give Me EVERYTHING My heart desires, humiliating your sorry ass, raping you financially really puts a smile on My perfect face. Boys who know their place without having to be told. Foot/leg/shoe worships, even My feet and legs are perfect, so why not worship them as well. I LOVE being spoiled by big wallets with little dicks attached.

I am the one and only Empress Viktoria. I am the Empress of My realm, and I only expect the best. Piggies willing to give Me the best are the only things I accept in My world.

I want to take you for every cent you have, that’s what makes ME HAPPY… and that is all that matters. Never forget I am your one and only, and no one compares to the mind fuck I will give you. I am the most evil conniving bitch you will ever encounter. I WILL strip you of whatever dignity your pathetic soul has, until you submit to ME fully

Crawl to ME on hand and knee with MY wallet in your mouth. That is all your mouth is good for cash cow, anything else that it is used for is unnecessary, don’t speak unless spoken to. you pathetic little shit, have no place in My life except under My feet. Oh but you have a big wallet you say? and want to spend it all on Your Highness? Well get to it, don’t waste My precious time, tip then call. I am always willing to financial rape you on MY time. I deserve to be pampered and spoiled, nothing would make you happier then calling and paying for My manicures and pedicures. Why should you spend that hard earned cash when I can spend it in a much more efficient way. I have many bills that need to be paid and who better to pay them then a useless imbecile like yourself… now pick up that phone piggy and start calling… DO NOT FORGET TO TIP STUPID, yes don’t worry Empress Viktoria will NEVER let you forget your role and place in My life.

REMEMBER I only allow you to see what I want you to see, you can beg and beg and beg some more... for the sole purpose of making Me laugh, but you will never get what you want.

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Assignment for dirty losers! prt 3

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Assignment for dirty losers! prt 1

Assignment for scared LOSERS!

Assignment for first timers.

Assignments for willing bitches

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Barn Assignment *pig*

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Barn Assignment *dog*

IF you DO NOT SPEAK ENGLISH PLEASE DO NOT CONTACT ME! I have no clue what you are saying so it's basically a waste of My time... I fucking hate foreigners!