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flaw·less (flô'lĭs) adj. Being entirely without flaw or imperfection:
Empress Viktoria is inconceivably flawless

Empress Viktoria here! it's time to break out the wallet's piggies and spend your money on someone who deserves it more then you do.

I absolutely love shopping, and pampering Myself in every way you can imagine and who better to pay for My wants then you! I am an Empress, and deserve to be treated like one...

I dislike cheap selfish slaves, you are phoning Me for a reason and that is to give Me all your money, until you have none left... and then give Me some more. you are completely willing to go into DEBT for your Empress, so get to it!

Nothing makes Me happier on any given day to rape you financially, because that is what I deserve!

It's always about Me, keep that in mind.

We are not friends... you are My pet. To be used as I feel necessary and to be discarded when you are no longer of use to Me (i.e. when you complain about your financial situation) you can ALWAYS take out a loan, or a second mortgage etc.,

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Assignment for scared LOSERS!

Assignment for first timers.

Assignments for willing bitches

Assignments for rookies

Barn Assignment *pig*

Barn Assignment *pony*

Barn Assignment *dog*

IF you DO NOT SPEAK ENGLISH PLEASE DO NOT CONTACT ME! I have no clue what you are saying so it's basically a waste of My time... I fucking hate foreigners!