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Pay to worship these Perfect Feet

Adonis is my name. You are now in the presence of a young God.

Where do you find yourself? Low. Low to the ground.

And when you are low before Me what do you see? My beautiful, perfect feet. Size 13 with long toes and dramatic arches. Feet of royalty and feet of divinity.

What are you? A human sidewalk. A gravel road. A carpet for me to walk across so that My feet do not become soiled. A commoner servant, weak.

You will probably beg Me to wash them, to worship them. If you are lucky I will let you touch them with a gloved hand, but your commoner skin will probably never touch Mine directly.

More likely, I will hear your requests and spit on you. I will taunt you, dismissively. I will trample you.

Get ready to confess. Confess your inferiority, confess your deepest fears and insecurities, your wrongdoings brought about by your weakness.

Then get ready to pay. Gods require tribute, and you will need to show your devotion in order to find favor with Me.


$10 Buy My Yahoo! ID so that you can better serve Me.

$20 Buy Me some new socks.

$65 Pay for My gym membership for a month.

$100 Pay My cell phone bill for a month.

$200 Buy Me some new designer sneakers.