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Phone Sex

: Looking for the best phone sex? You've found it, here at NiteFlirt.

Penetrating Layla Anal whore

I am Layla!  I see you have discovered me, hehehe! I am a kinky nursing student. While being a bit of a book worm, I crave more knowledge of the those dark, dirty thoughts that keep me up at night masturbating! I had been working my way through school on scholarships, my parent’s money and waitressing until my friend told me about this, phone sex. She claimed it is a lot more fun making money on your back and boy was she ever right!

Ultimately I want to be a physicians assistant, specifically a midwife, but that is going to require much more schooling, and my academic journey has only just begun. That leaves little time for romance, clubs, and all the kinky stuff I dream about. All work and no play leads to a lot of pent up sexual frustration that must be let out and explored. Now ! Not later! While I am young and supple, I will have plenty of pussy to deal with when I am older hehehe!

I do not have a lot of time for real play and a lot of the stuff want to try is very, shall we say, edge play and beyond kinky! I am scared to confront my perverted demons head on in my real life so here I am ready to do it on the phone! Teach me!  I am ready to learn!

Being a catholic girl and a nursing student I have two fantasies that stick out religious submission and medical fetishism. I like the idea of being forced to submit under a religious guise, like a by a perverted priest or a strict old nun.

I like all sorts of sex including anal even though it hurts. I suppose I am a bit of a masochist because the hurt just makes me wetter. I hear the term”Pain Whore” and would like to explore that more as well!!

So if you are game come and give me a call. I promise to be a good student!

My favorite fetishes in no particular order are:
  • GFE(girl friend experience) That's  where I get to be your girl friend for however long you want to keep me with no hassles or strings!
  • Medical fetishism which can be anything including but not limited to medical experimentation forced or willing me or you, doctors appointments, castration, probes, thermometers.  You name it I am game!
  • Alien abduction
  • The girl next door role-play
  • Good little girl role-play
  • Innocence lost
  • The good little Catholic girl with priest, nun, Jesus, crucifix fucking or even Satan himself! Being taken advantage of by the priest is the most fun!
  • You’ll get fired if you don’t…role-play
  • Hunter/hunted role-play
  • I enjoy being submissive
  • I enjoy being punished
  • All aspects of pregnancy fetishism including begging to be/not to be knocked up.
  • Lactation play.
  • Foot fetishism, I love having my feet touched, rubbed anything physical with my feet!

The list is HUGE.  I could go on like this for days!  The more imaginative the better!  The dirtier the better!  I love taboo, sticky and nasty! Phone sex rocks!
Call me for some No Taboo Phone sex! I promise to drain your balls!