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The Englishman

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The Englishman - FOOT-SLAVE LORD

You little fags make me laugh.

You hesitate and procrastinate, when all the time you know that as you feel the sense of excitement building as you read these words, that your decision to call me has ALREADY been made! HAHA!

Don't you get it? The longer you waste time wondering over whether you should CALL ME or not the worse you make it for yourself? You need a powerful, good-looking, STR8, British guy to help you with all your dirty inadequacies? Don't you worry, I'll be able to show you out what a low-life piggy you are and take you to the edge of your depravity.

Come and tell me all about it. I will tell you exactly how to serve me, and exactly how I'll use you for my entertainment, you can come and be my fag-slave and do my bidding while I take advantage of you in every way imaginable. I don't mind listening to all your perverted fantasies about whatever it is that is tormenting your sick mind, and I'll tell you EXACTLY what MY SICK MIND thinks about all of it.

Roleplay is my speciality - just check out the feedback - and - when your ready for the trip of a life time - CALL ME.

LADIES: If you need your hot little pussy left trembling and twitching in ecstasy call me on my $0.99 line and get ready for the rush - Don't even THINK about calling me on that line unless you are a genuine
female, I will block your fag-ass so fast your head will spin- AFTER charging you for an hour of my time.

I'm a well-hung, fit, STR8 guy who likes nothing more than spending time with hot girls, and be waited on by you faggot minions, who'll make me feel
like the King of England.

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Mail me ahead of time - or just tell me when we connect... or would you just rather listen to me tell you how I'll take advantage of all those slutty chics, that you are paying for me to treat? I'd love nothing better than to have you as my little performing queer to entertain me and my buddies when we get drunk on a Thursday night. Picture yourself there staring at my feet in abject humiliation while we all look down at you laughing!

Are you feeling very small? Good - just the way I like you - and I DO have the power to shrink you down - WHENEVER I want HAHAHA!

You want me to take your wife or girlfriend in front of you? Ravage her while you watch? Make her feel like a REAL WOMAN - something you no doubt totally failed to do. I love making women cum, licking and pounding their pussy until they writhe in ecstasy, there's nothing hotter, except perhaps doing it in front of their useless husband or boyfriend as they sit crying about how pathetic they are.

I love to demonstrate my total SUPERIORITY, mentally, physically... I was born to DOMINATE.

I AM the superior-being that you've been looking for - the kinkier, the richer, the deeper and the more salacious your imagination - the better - I doubt you'll match mine.

Cash-slaves are always welcome - you want to try and buy your way into my favour? Start here:

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Are you STILL wasting time?

I am from England (hence the accent) and over here we like our slaves well disciplined, so you'd better not disappoint me.