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Sensual, Sadistic, and quite possibly twisted

I've been in relationships that included cuckolding, dressing men in women's clothing, and other various kinks and fetishes. My naturally dominant personality has been My influence for indulging in My experiences.

Not only have I been the dominating partner, but the submissive when I chose. Since I enjoy both sides of the whip, I respect the responsibilities of each. I have experience with both men, and women. I enjoy not only having a submissive male or female, but also enjoy helping them develop and enhance their dominant or submissive side. What I share, is from Personal experiences. I have very little boundaries, and few hard limits.

Everything is consensual. There are safety words, predetermination discussion of what the session will consist of (just the same as an interview), a list of your hard limits (things that you are simply not attracted to), a list of all items that you have available to actually use during session, and the time limit that you have. I want to know your fantasies, what you would consider doing, what you have tried or have experience with, and what your possible goal as a submissive would be.

I do not want to hear, “to serve you, Mistress”, and leave it open ended. Everyone is not capable of doing the same as another. If that was the case, you would be considered dull, and like everyone else. Some are able to take pics, go on cam, enjoy being video taped, like having screenshots taken of them, loved to be talked about on My blog, enjoy humiliation assignments, love their limits being pushed, thrive from pain for pleasurable purposes, are most happy doing light BDSM, dream of being a slut in the bedroom, whether it’s mentally, or actually physically.

The experience itself, has to start with the mind. The mind can then stimulate the senses of body. This enhances emotions, resulting in gratification. My theory holds true for those with erectile dysfuction, are physically incapable of having sex, are not sexual active, or looking for mental stimulation. I’m able to give hands free orgasms…

Not only do I have intimate, and when requested – extreme sessions with playmates via the phone that go beyond the realms of a real time session, but I’ve been known to help others share their desires and fantasies with their partners - if the opportunity is there. Everyone’s situation is not the same, so this is not always possible for everyone. That is why you will always have Me. A few basic points that I will add, so that you have a clear understanding of where My mind is. Here, I Am in charge. I give you opportunity to serve. I give you opportunity to submit. I give you opportunity to speak your mind. I give you opportunity to share your dreams, and darkest desires. I give the opportunity to live them out. I give you opportunity to respect Me, as I will respect you.

We are both human beings, and consenting adults. However, if you choose to disregard My limits, I will disregard yours’, show no mercy, wash My hands of you, treat you as disposable, and remove you from My presence. I have one account that I use on Niteflirt. Violate Me, and it will be the last time that you do. I do not have time for worthless, pathetic, ungrateful, disobedient, useless attention whores - unless they are seeking the humiliation treatment that I provide for such gluttons of punishment.

I have many worthy submissives. Most have been with Me for several years. I Am not Selfish, geedy, or think that I should be the only One that you should session with. If you choose to be devoted to Me 100%, that is a submissive choice that I would always appreciate. However, I would not condemn you for seeking out variety. Not all of My submissives are the same, nor are Mistresses or Masters. What I might provide, may not be what Another will, or wants to. In fact, I encourage exploration, and obtaining experience.

Most men that I have had the pleasure of playing with who enjoy the sensation of anal stimulation, would never be with another man. Using anal sex toys does not mean that you are gay. Dressing in feminine clothing does not make you gay. Many men love the idea of being sluts, or playing as the opposite sex, but would never want to be a woman. They want their woman to use them in the way that a man would want to make love to a woman. Sometimes, they want to be treated like roughed up whores. All of this for most, only in the bedroom – with their wives, girlfriends, or a Mistress.

Nothing makes Me happier, then when a female wants to know how to be the Mistress for their partner in the bedroom. Encouragement, guidance, open discussions, and idea collaboration is always welcomed. I have experience with strap on play, body worship, using sounds, tens units and other electro stimulation play, kidnapping fantasies, edge play, light to extreme CBT, spanking, sensory deprivation, sensory enhancement, chastity, food fetishes, humiliation, SPH, CFNM, blackmail, extortion, bisexuality, cum eating, feminization, various types of role play, sex slavery, piercing, branding, temperature play, waxing, gender play, nipple play, ball gags, pay to view daily assignments, and more.

You may call Me Mistress, Goddess, Princess, Queen. If I like you, I might let you call me Alexis or Lexi. My birthday is February 1st. I'm into the following topics: Birthday, sensual, guidance, sadistic, forced bi, vanilla sex, sensual chat, masturbation guidance, JOI, sadistic games, humiliation, podcasting, CBT, small penis humiliation, SPH, loser humiliation, CFNM, bdsm, domination, tease and deny, GFE, blackmail, extortion, buried alive, spanking, feminization, strapon play, cross dressing, transssexuals, girl next door, cuckolding, panty sniffers, smelly socks, pantyhose fetish, fingernail play, tickle torture, belly button fetish, chastity, foot fetish, body worship, money slaves, money pigs, slut slaves, gender roleplay, gender reassignment, sex change, food fetish, sploshing, various role play, forced cock sucking, pain play, face sitting, asphyxiation, mannequin fetish, rubber, vinyl, latex balloons, drinking games, intoxication, games, pony play, puppy play, slave assignments, financial domination, shrinking, big cock, girlfriend, MP3, blog, loser humiliation, body worship, free voice sample, tight pussy, crushing you and inanimate objects - NO ANIMALS! Please note that I do NOT play your under age anything, do anything with animals, nor partake in incest fantasies. Thank you.