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Therapeutic Domination & Dominating Therapy!

Do you feel a sense of nervous tension every time you are confronted with a Woman of Power? Do Women of Authority make you quiver with desire? Does the idea of a Female doctor performing a prostate examination make your cock so hard it feels ready to explode? Do you fear the power a Female therapist could exert over you? Do you worry that She will prey on your weaknesses and exploit your darkest secrets for Her own entertainment?

I understand your fears and your desires. The presence of a white coated professional will make most people feel compelled to follow their instructions. The presence of a devastatingly beautiful, powerful woman will cause most men to feel weak in the knees as he follows Her every Command.

The human male has little control once he is captivated by a well-heeled foot or a stocking clad leg. The slightest peek of a milky white thigh beneath a well-tailored business suit or heaving breasts under a prim lace blouse will make any man willing to bend over and cough. For a taste of the power of pretty feet and toes watch for My upcoming Recording on the “Fascinations of Feet’ in the Foot and Shoe section.

Obviously, having a full physical administered by a Female has a powerful effect. You will certainly feel some discomfort from that finger wriggling inside your “manly” butt hole however; the thoughts of those full breasts leaning against you will have obvious effects! It’s not unusual to feel uncomfortable bearing your naked body in front of a Woman who will evaluate and examine you. Those feelings of control and sexual excitement often go hand in hand.

Likewise, baring your soul before a Female therapist can increase your feelings of vulnerability and exposure. Sharing details of your darkest desires can be arousing, even more so when your therapist is perched on the edge of Her desk, dangling Her delectable toes right in front of you. What would you do if your therapist were to use Her influence to seduce you? What would happen if She were to plant a post hypnotic suggestion that would leave you running for the restroom at work to relieve yourself? Such ideas thrill and chill you all at once! You shrink back while your cock springs up! I suggest you keep an eye out for My new recording on “Erotic Hypnosis and Post Hypnotic Suggestion.”

What you need is a little role-play therapy to help you overcome these fears. You need to learn how to control yourself in these teasingly, erotic encounters. The first step is letting ME control you. Trust Me…Control by Ms. Chloe is an experience in Exploration, Exploitation and Domination. You’ll never be the same. So call Me now for all your medical and therapeutic needs.

Please be advised that I follow the Niteflirt TOS and will not entertain topics that defy the members agreement even under the premise of Fantasy Therapy!