Phone Sex

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Mind-fuck. Killing u with kindness...4 sissyboys

The first ever longterm roleplay with a twist. Anticipate it over days and weeks. Feel utterly used and discarded. If you like to let it build up, you'll explode when I finally let you have. In true mind-fuck fashion, you will not know what hit you.

You'll start by calling me daily and I'll pump your ego. I"ll be so sweet, even my rate is affordable. I'm so accommodating for your pleasure. No doubt you'll fall, You'll even call me your girlfriend. You wish.

One day I'll bitch out at you... for no reason it seems. And that's when the mind fuck starts. You never know when it's going to happen. You'll get so used to me being so sweet you'll be shocked when it comes at you.

First I'll jack the price up to scare u away but of course you can't take a FUCKING hint so you'll call anyway. I'll get furious. I'll sigh and grunt on the phone and sound completely disinterested. I might even put you on hold and call my friends while you're holding. But you're a lame, desperate loser so you'll overlook it.

After a while, I'll get tired of hearing your stupid voice and you calling me keeping tabs on my whereabouts and thinking you own me because you pay me and give me money--I'll be fed up.

I'll let you have it!! When I get angry there's nothing stopping me and when I bottle it up, it explodes. You will find no worse humiliation and degrading than what I will do to you. I'll laugh when you start to cry that I've changed and when you hear my deep, evil chuckles you'll know you were mind-fucked to the extreme.

What happened to your sweet angelic princess? She used you and she's laughing all the way to the bank.

Ready to play? Loser.