Phone Sex

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I will degrade you,humilate you,guide you to serve Me yourself through guided masturbation and twisting My way around inside your head to make you crave the pain you want even more for Me and I will talk you into doing things that You can not even fathem doing at this point perhaps. I will take you on a journey into a place in your head where you can do all the little dirty things you want to do,crave to do and have been afraid to do and make you want to do them for Me. I will listen to whatever your pathetic needs and wants are and let you amuse Me to the point of fulfilling your filthy,and in some cases more than likely pathetic wants and needs since you have made the choice to pick up the phone and call to talk to Me. I assure you that you will not regret a conversation with Me because I am told often that I am a very interesting and mysterious person and you will more than likely find yourself tangled in my web a little quicker than you expect. Just remember boys when the Pandora's box has been open it is often hard to close and when you call Me those numbers you just dialed might hold the key to just that, and even that being the case the sadistic dark things that await you by contacting me will suck you in consume you and you will not be able to get enough of the degration,humiliation and suffering you know is well needed and deserved by you and that is why you're contemplating dialing my extention because you know there's something unknown to you waiting at the other end of that line with Me but you will have to contact me to find out..If you want to be told of the true useless worm that you are and need to be reassured of just why you haven't blown your pathetic brains out yet or perhaps you just need Me to remind you that you haven't yet because you were meant to talk to Me on here and let me help you pop that little pimple your gene pool deprived you of well endowment if you're a good little cunt I just might help you to remember what it's there for as small as it may be. You can call me to tell Me your fantasies,how you crave to serve Me,be used by Me and to cater to Me so that I can help you remember how to bust a nut or whatever it is you little twats are calling it these days....If the line is open I am waiting.