Phone Sex

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You yearn, you crave to give Me everything.

Pathetic male, you are here because you cannot help yourself. You want Me to dominate you, to own every aspect of your life, to manipulate you until you no longer define yourself outside of My orbit. You crave the opportunity to amuse, spoil and submit utterly to your beautiful, greedy, evil Bitch Goddess. You yearn for Me to use you as I see fit; to ruin you, humiliate you, and to own anything and everything that you once considered yours if it pleases Me.

And it does.

There is no other reason for you to come to Me except to serve totally. I will control your mind and laugh at you as you carry out My debasing commands, all the while knowing that you cannot help but feed your addiction. Pets who please may earn My divine attention, giving you another taste of what you live for... Me.

While you serve Me....I will hurt you. I will humiliate you. I will laugh at you. I will take your money. I will not be sorry, because it pleases Me!

And you know that you deserve it. You know that you've been a dirty, nasty, wicked boy! Pay penance for your sins to Me, Divine Bitch Goddess, and perhaps if you are very good, you will gain some absolution in making Me happy. But you will suffer. My happiness is your hell.

...Knowing that you suffer with that truth makes me smile...