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Buttery Bellina

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This little video clip shows you I'm real.

Monday through Friday
11am to 7pm (EST)

You are staring at a Curvy Amazon Goddess:
5'11" Tall in My Bare Size 11 Feet
38H (47" Bust) - 32" Waist - 47" Hips
Can't think because you're holding your cock?
Remove your fucking hand & call now!
Everyone else, pay attention.

You may address Me as Goddess Bellina.

I am a dominant woman: independent, powerful and confident. I have over a decade of experience with sexual fetishes, role playing and BDSM in real life with lovers & slaves in addition to professional sessions via telephone and internet, so you are in excellent - albeit manipulative - hands.;)

With Me, you will have the privilege of an attentive Goddess who listens to your confessions and genuinely enjoys connecting and conversing with you. I will remember you, which will allow us to delve deeper and experience a richer, nuanced session.

Hey you, wanker! Are you still trying to read, horny fuckbrain? SMH

My voice is often described as both arousing and soothing. I don't yell, but My silky voice can easily become sharp when provoked. When you call Me, be prepared to tell Me your limits & a bit about your sexual past; otherwise, we may jump in too deep for your gentle mind to handle. ;)

Although I can be somewhat of a sweetheart domme, I am a fucking Size Queen, and I make no apologies... I will not allow a cock inside Me unless it is a MINIMUM 10" long with proportional girth. Anything less is unfuckingacceptable. I fucking refuse. So, no, I will never ever let you fuck Me. But I will relish learning the secrets and complexities which brought you to Me - I coax and tease you open, wiggle My way...once I am quite cozy inside you, I begin to play.

I love to dominate men, pure and simple. I love to captivate them with My beauty, power and intellect... to mesmerize them into being My puppets. I love to have immense control over a man simply by knowing those secrets he holds in the dark recesses of his mind. Here are some more specific types of fetishes & role plays which I readily indulge for My pets, in no specific order...

Sissy Training!

Dominant GFE & Sensual Domination


Sensual Sadism

Butt plug and Dildo training - strap-on play

Feminization - panty, corset, etc. training

Spanking - OTK or anywhere, anytime

Humiliation - private, public, verbal, creative


Giantess, Shrinking Man

Mind fuckery of all kinds

Mind control fantasies

Foot, leg, shoe, stocking and nylon fetishes

Panty Fetishes, Panty Boys

Goddess Worship - Body Worship - Ass Worship

Queening Etc.

Forced Bi - Forced Feminization - Corset Training - Dildo Training - Cocksucker Training

Blackmail fantasies

Caning, Whipping, Flogging

Biting, face-slapping, spitting

Candles, Ice

Asphyxiation, breath play, smothering



Cock & Ball Torture (CBT)

Cuckolding - Never forget you are the bitch in this relationship. I submit to no one.

Small Penis Humiliation

Ruined orgasm

Chastity devices, keyholding

BBC fetish

Food play

Much, much more

Shy? Of course you are! Send a Chat or Call Me Anyway, I'll take the reins...

Foot Fetish Boys...

Get To Know My Size 11 Amazon Feet - Video Clip & a Few Pics $2.69

Pictures of My Lovely Size 11 Feet in Sandals - $6

This entire page contains the images and words of Goddess Bellina, all rights reserved.
Click here for a list of what I do NOT discuss.

For a sharper flavor...
Call My best friend, NYC based Lady Nyx, a strict, lifestyle Fem Domme who is new to Niteflirt but has been doing real time sessions since she was was barely legal.
She is 5'9 1/2" & has legs for days.
I know She intimidates you, so Chat with Her first to work up your nerve.
Be a good bitch for her, and one day you might get topped by Us both! (Click the Pic)

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