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Bratty Princess Lilia

$$MONEY$$ Brat! ~ Perfect & Lovely $$ Princess




Hello, losers. I'm a pampered and spoiled Miami hottie that loves to deliver extreme financial fuckery. Are you game to play and get played, bitches?

Here's what will happen: You will spoil me through gifts, tributes, pay-to-view mail, phone calls or any combination of these. You will become addicted, enslaved, enamored and owned. You'll get aroused at the thought of me. Everytime you buy a gift or send that fat tribute, your body will shiver and your brain will turn to mush. You will beg to be my bitch.

Here's a few rules and make sure you remember them, loser:

  • Do not try to engage me with any attempts at free conversation. You will be blocked. If you mail me a question and you truly want an answer, you'll pay the requisite fee in a pay-to-view email. My time is money and I am golden.

  • If you can't afford me then don't even start it, loser. I will not play nickel and dime with a broke ass bitch. If you simply must spend a little cash on me and you know you can't keep up the financial pace, just do a drive-by tribute then keep on moving and take your exhaust fumes with ya.

  • Do not fucking annoy me. I hate fake bitches that claim to want to be owned, enslaved or blackmailed for the length of a quick two-minute wanking call. What the fuck is that all about anyway? You wanna be financially enslaved and then call for a minute and hang up? Once again: I don't want any broke ass bitches. Simply do a tribute-fly-by and take off, asswipe.

Hey, assclown, do you crave a bit of forced intoxication? Lucky for you that's a favorite game of mine. Call me up and have your alcohol of choice ready. I love empyting your bank account while you slur out the words "How much more, Princess?" certificates bought off of my wish list - all of that pampers and pleases the Princess. I prefer paid-mail exchanges because I don't fucking wanna talk to you but if you must hear my voice then pick up the phone so you can hear me laugh as I tick away your time and bank account.

Adoration...Loyalty...Sincerity...MONEY. That's all I ask from you.

Personalized sissy plans ~ Pre-shopping Sissy Questionaire



I know my playthings fall all over each other trying to one-up the last one. I know you try to gain Princess Lilia's favor and attention. Here's my wishlist for you to begin pampering the Princess. Don't be cheap and don't expect me to kiss your ass for a present because that shit don't fly. You buy it to please me and get that rush from giving it up to the Princess.

Buy my sexy pics to see more of my superior beauty. 3 fucking hot and sexy pics of this little Cuban mami for $30. NO NUDITY so don't expect it. If you wanna see a glimpse of Nirvana (my tetas) you'll have to pay richly for that, loser!

Sexy Princess Lilia in bikini on the beach