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Hello wallet.. time for me to take what is mine

Welcome to Miss Meg's Taking your Money game!! Take a seat the rules are simple:

 Required: 3 players (that would be me, you and your wallet..) Object of the game: To see how good of a wallet you really have!! What determines the winner: Aww now that is easy I am the only winner in this game!!  

 Rules are subject to change as I see fit!!
Let the game begin pawn....what type of game will it be tonite: shopping game ? raise the rate game ?? Call to find out
Play the mystery pic game.. which one holds 3 pics in it???

is it in this one?

or this one?

What about here?

psst.. in this one!

The order of the buttons and the pics attached will change very often!

My Wish List _________________________________________________________ Tributes: $25.00 Get my attention

$50.00 Ok what is it you want? _________________________________________________________ Miss Meg's Fit Club _________________________________________________________