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Mistress Courtney

My Divine Domination and your Sensual Servitude


Your call to this line is about doing what pleases me and that is your submission, but ultimately the choice to sumbit lies in your hands. It is one of your last freely made decisions. So, let me tell you little bit about myself so that you can make an informed decision about whether or not I am the Mistress you wish to serve. I cannot claim to have years of experience as I am only 27; however, I have felt my dominance over men, as well as women, all through my life and have enjoyed employing that power in all possible ways. I have been loving every minute of it.

Some of my hobbies include listening to confessions about a person's most perverse desires. I love getting those dirty thoughts out of people and I never judge. No, I never judge, I just make you do them. I have delighted in making men sniff my panties and then stuff them in their mouths. I love to see men on their knees before me, begging for the privilege to lick my asshole. I just adore having my red hair worshipped, my body pleasured (with permission) or my foot attire cleaned with your tongue. Being a cock tease has always been a big turn on of mine.

Yes, I will train you for my pleasure. I do not believe that pain and punishment is the only way to mold a slave. Reward and pleasure for those who earn and deserve it works quite nicely, too. I'm only turned on if you are, too. So, I do encourage you to mail me here first to discuss your submissive desires. Here now, you have been such a good potential play thing reading all my words, here is a pleasing visual reward for you. Get your face right up to the monitor and sniff...

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For those desiring more, here are some semi-nude shots of Mistress. Aren't I good to you?

On your knees now and enjoy the view of your red haired, green eyed fiesty Goddess.

While you're down there, clean my boots with your tongue...I know you want to.

One more thing to lick...