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Training $i$$ies to better $erve Mi$tre$$

I do love training my sissies and teaching them how to better serve me

Hello, I'm the one and only Mistress Sherry Elizabeth.. I know you look at my page often, in fact, i know a lot about you! But it is about Me so lets begin there..
I love many fetishes but Financial Domination is one of my favorites. The Feeling I get having a sub begging to pay, begging to spend is just amazing! I love the feeling of power and control I have. For Me, Financial Domination is much deeper than the cash. Dont get me wrong, i enjoy a good drive-by wallet fuck!

But I think one of my personal fetishes is getting in your head. I really enjoy planting thoughts in your mind and taking control of your thoughts. To me it is pretty easy, every time you touch your cock you will crave jerking for my perfect greed. You cant help but get hard, i know this. The feeling you get when you submit is the best high. Heart racing head spinning body tingling and cock oh so hard. Every time you touch your wallet, feeling it in your hand you will crave paying Mistress Sherry Elizabeth. It is in your head, the next time you touch it you will remember reading this.. ahh, then the craving WILL START AGAIN! Maybe you dont understand why this happens but maybe you dont need to. Just accepting yourself for who you are is always best. I find many subs are very scared of me and many never even contact me out of fear!

I enjoy mixing many fetishes and im going to have fun training you next sissy.