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Alice Skary

Give yourself to me completely.


Please note email messages received without accompanying tribute will not be read.

Topics I Enjoy:

leather bondage - beatings - otk spankings - discipline - tickle bondage - forced feminization & sissy training - anal training & strap-on slut training - forced bi - real bisexual / lesbian domination - CFNM - sissies & fem - pantyboy & forced panty wearing - gay brainwashing - forced feminization - chastity / birdlocked keyholding - genuine power exchange - CBT (cock and ball torture) - nipple torture & torment - humiliation & degradation - sph - orgasm control & orgasm denial - chastity training - trampling - pinching - foot worship (barefeet & socks, boots, and shoes) - consensual blackmail - fantasy roleplay - furniture - puppy / pony play - gooning - edging - erotic hypnotism - lingerie - stockings - pantyhose - high heels - mummification - medical play & SO much more...

Learn about Miss Alice:

I am a real-life pro-Domme of just over 11 years. For years I ran a large dungeon in NC, but I gave it up after a messy divorce to allow me to travel with no commitments -- and now I am only conducting real-time sessions when I am on tour... giving me more time to talk to my wonderful boys on here in the meanwhile! I am skilled in a wide-range of BDSM fantasies, always 100% Dominant, always on top, always in control -- and I love talking about my sessions and discussing how I truly fulfill my OWN ultimate BDSM fantasies ....

I am 30 and a fairly well-known amateur fetish model / femdomme pornographic actress. You can find my work all over the internet -- a simple Google search will tell you exactly who I am. I'm most well known for my work in advanced anal/strapon training & lactation play, but I have a wide variety of other films as well. No look-a-likes or fakes here, just one sexy, confident, and in-control lifestyle Mistress. I really recommend that you know who I am before you call, or you may find yourself very surprised by the depths of how disgusting I can be...

Due to an unfortunate high rate of misbehaved boys calling, hanging up, & leaving bad feedback after I refuse to allow them to babble endlessly about their insipid desires: Please note that I am not a phone sex operator here to cater to your gross jerk off fantasies, but rather offering a chance for real control and servitude. If you just need to get off to a "fantasy," please call someone ELSE. Many women on here will be happy to tolerate your poor behavior for some quick cash. I will not. Calling me will waste my time -- and your money. There's no need, just move along.

I am a leather, lace, satin, pantyhose/stocking fetishist, a shoe-collecting foot Goddess, fetish video addict, skilled disciplinarian, bondage enthusiast. I love to lure submissives into embracing their most perverted desires, pushing them into more and more disgustingly deviant sex acts that only the most depraved slut would engage in. I am dark and twisted, yet kind, sensual and sexy... I am a psychological Domme. I will get into your head, and take complete control over you

I will make you mine.

I can be sadistic, but I'm not a needlessly mean bitch. I'm much more of a stern, loving Dominant -- taking control and guiding you into sub space. Don't get me wrong, I can be as strict as is necessary... especially if you disobey me ....but I'm also a nurturing authority figure..

All I want from you is to control you, manipulate you, and indulge your fantasy until you become as submissive as possible, until you know how to please your Goddess in any way necessary....

Please be aware, however, that I am not a fetish provider but a genuine femdom and I will expect you to obey and please me. Topping from the bottom is not permitted. Understand also that I have no interest in discussing vanilla sex -- if I wanted to do that, I would have a vanilla listing. No alpha males are in my life, nor will they ever be. Jerk off to that elsewhere.

Why are you still reading this, you little slut?
Call me now, and let me teach you how to serve a true Mistress.