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The Englishman

*THIS* listing -LADIES ONLY- Sensuality, eroticism

Ladies - This one is just for YOU. ;-)

So, you probably guessed that I'm a Dominant English guy... I like to take charge, I make no apologies for that. You probably also guessed that I have a big sexual apetite...HAHA - well, I make no apologies for that either... BUT that doesn't mean that you can't talk to me about whatever it is that you'd like to.

You can count on me LISTEN to you, to be sensitive to what you tell me, (I wouldn't have the ratings I have on here if I didn't!). My urge to take-charge is always in harmony with YOU and your desires... make no mistake, if you just need your hot little pussy left trembling and twitching in ecstasy, after being ravished by a strong man who knows what he wants, then I can do that too! ;-) LOL - Try Me! ...and get ready for the rush!

This is NOT a fag line - if you're a sissy faggot that needs to be put in your place by a Dominant straight guy then call one of my other lines - if you call me on this line you'll be penalised and blocked, don't waste your time.

Girls...I'm your intelligent, straight, British, "take-control" kinda-guy (British = English accent - yes I know - I really AM from the UK!).

Take a chance - Call me.

I enjoy nothing more than spending time in intimate conversation with a real, sensual, sexy, woman.

Let me make you feel like a PRINCESS... Let me unleash the Tigress in you! ;-)

Why don't you come along with me and see see where the conversation takes us...We can role-play together or I can paint the most vivid fantasies you can imagine, conjuring bubbles of reality that seem so real you can smell, hear, taste and FEEL every part of them, all for you.

  • You want to talk about something that's on your mind?
  • Act out a fantasy with a sexy guy, but still keep it make-believe?
  • Maybe you need to be seduced in the most romantic way?
  • Let me take you to the places you want your partner to... but are too embarrassed to ask for.

I love making women feel hot and sexy and beautiful, whether thats through subtle and beautiful metaphors, being outrageously flirtatious (with a complete stranger), or just for when you are feeling truly slutty - teasing and licking and f*cking until you melt and explode in ecstasy... slow and sensual or hard and fast, there's nothing hotter!

If you've got something specific in mind then email me ahead of calling.

Let me show you true MASCULINITY ...Come and tell me about your hopes, fears and fantasies. I look forward to talking to you, and taking you on an unforgettable ride together.

Call me.