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Addictive Colin

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Your long search is over slave! You've finally found the hottest, most sophisticated and refined, most intelligent, most creative, and certainly most exacting Master you'll ever care to talk to in your entire, pathetic life. You must be so excited right now!

I fucking *love* what I do, and it shows in the careful and crafty attention I pay to little strokers like you. You're just sitting there right now, probably teasing your poor little prick, wishing there was someone to put you in your place.

Financial PPV Ownership Game:

You know you want to play. Shy little strokers and established pay-sluts: Finally your dream has come true. Loaded with stories, pics, instructions and more abuse than you can handle. Learn what it is to be an addicted little slut for me. WARNING - May be addictive EIGHT amazingly crafted steps until you can really call yourself PIGGIE! Prepare to be milked better than you ever have been.

Well look no further faggot! You know very well that your destiny is to be used, abused, humiliated, exploited, and brought to do whatever I fucking feel like at them time. You just *wish* that a smart, hot, cool young man like me would even talk to you don't you? Well it's not going to happen unless you call me and admit what a little slut you are. We can discuss all of your dirty little stroke fantasies. I mean, why not? I'll only turn around and use them against you to break your weak will and turn you into the slave you know you're dying to be.

My taste for methods are varied. Possible choices include:

  • Agonizing and Teasing Verbal Humiliation
  • Financial Domination for wallet slaves
  • Orgasm Control, Jerkoff Lessons, Tease and Denial, and Forced Milking
  • Shoe and Foot Worship
  • Collaring, Leashing, and Caging of Wannabe Piggies and Doggies.
  • Interrogation and Forced Confessions
  • Blackmail and Paid-Mail fantasies
  • Sissy-Training and Feminization for wanna-be girlies
  • Customized Loser-Instructions and Assignments for stroke-slaves.
  • Shopping Humilations - Making you Spoil Me
  • Cuckolding - Reminding you that I can make your partner mine if I want.

NEW - Slave Application:Admit everything to me be considered as a slave. Such a humiliating task. This is only the beginning. When I receive the application I will already have so much power. Resign yourself to your fate. Show me what a good little faggot you need to be for me!

Call me now and get introduced to what you've been missing, what you've been wanting, what you've been needing...a hot, mid-twenties Alpha-God who knows exactly what a slut like you needs. I know your palms are starting to sweat.


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Send me mail at any time you faggot and tell me what a little toy like you is looking for. You will find the response literate, forceful, and hot, and I just know you'll be compelled to call. I take my fantasies seriously.

We'll talk soon.

Addictive Colin