Phone Sex

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No boundaries complex person (read if sub or Dom)

I tend to be dominant because I am an unbelievably smart, successful, well rounded (calypigous as well as having a varied history of study) and creative. I am an Alpha woman surrounded by beta males and I expect men who are submissive to serve me, worship me, and pay me for the privilege.
This happens most of the time. To be frank: compared to me, most men are worms.

The funny thing is, any smart Alpha male who can genuinely dominate me would have me crawling and begging to submit.
But finding a truly Alpha male is a wonder and I don't expect to be talking to anything but worms, money pigs, ATMs (are you my new ATM), gay men wanting to be made straight, and I love to turn men into women. I invite any man who thinks himself up to the challenge to try his hand at this force of nature.

For the rest of you: just remember who is wearing the pants here, and we’ll get along fine.

I am very real. I will be with you just as I am with those I meet in “real life” – if you’ll pardon the expression. I can always tell when the chemistry works, usually within the first few minutes of a call. And if we hit it off on the phone, chances are good that – regardless of what you look like – if you were in the same room with me, I’d have you naked, and fast.

No matter who calls me I will provide something meaningfully erotic. Or maybe erotically meaningful. I have a lot of personality and tend to live life in a variety of gears. I always connect on an intellectual and emotional level first. I am perspicacious and wise, but do not expect me to read your mind. I have no boundaries for fantasies, nothing is too taboo for me, so just be honest.