Phone Sex

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First of all, let's be clear. Your journey down the road of financial termination has just begun. My agenda is to drain your account, rape your wallet, and blow your mind, as I help you max out your credit card.

I know that I'm worth much more than what you could ever afford. But, I'll still take it all - because I deserve it all. And the more that you listen to the sound of my voice, the more you want to give.

I could careless how or where you get the money to fund my account.

Afterall, making me happy is your number one priority. Isn't it?

There is NO one more important than I in your little world at this very moment.

You would eat Ramen Noodles, so that I could enjoy filet mignon.

You'd get a second job, or take out another mortgage if you have to.

You might even go as far as selling your own ass, just to see to it that I'm satisfied.

I want it all, and nothing is more important than that.

I have been breaking balls and taking calls on Niteflirt since 2007. I've loved it ever since. I hadn't given much attention to this listing, because over the years I've been having so much fun with the following:

1. Real Blackmail -You either get real, or get out. I dare you. Buy The Contract. Fill it out. Return it.

2. Pushing Limits - While pushing men to, and sometimes over the edge of their limits. Let's see how far you'd go, and what your hard limits really are.

3. Tease and Deny - With sensual and sweet seduction that drives you wild, and begging for more. You're going to pay, one way or another.

4. Forced Bi - While you may want to blame me all that you want, you've always had it in you to be a cock sucking slut.

5. Raise The Rate To Masturbate - Begging to pay more with each passing stroke to that cock. Whether it's a little at a time, or a lot to blow that load, you're going to pay. We can keep going and going, if you plan on blowing, or you can....

Blow and Go - Cum Tax for the chronic masturbater who doesn't call, but wants to cum

Chastity Love Contract - For the love of holding out, being kept under control, and doing it for me.

Or, maybe you deserve a Worthless Wanker Penalty - Did you call and get off in less than 2 minutes? Then pay, or get be blocked.