Phone Sex

: Looking for the best phone sex? You've found it, here at NiteFlirt.

In my first few years on Niteflirt i never listed myself as a submissive. This might seem strange, particularly on a site where many flirts seem to have no qualms whatsoever about simultaneously promoting themselves as both "Mistresses" and "slaves".

After all, in real life i truly am a submissive, a sexual creature hardwired to obey and please who needs to be exquisitely used, skillfully controlled and, ideally, owned. Fortunately, even though i hadn't specifically listed myself as a sub, some of You had already figured this out about me -- either because You read between the lines of my listings or because You picked up on it when we talked.
To all those who recognized my nature before i spelled it out -- and You know who You are -- i offer my gratitude. And, of course, the continued use of Your willing girl.
But there are surely others of you out there on Niteflirt i have yet to meet -- whom i'm sure i would love to serve. Might You be one?

Whether You're an experienced Master or someone just starting to explore the more dominant aspects of his nature, i think You'll know what to do with me (i've been told that i bring out the Dominant in people).

i need to be at Your feet, under Your firm hand. i need to be overpowered and restrained, completely in Your power, existing only for Your pleasure. i need to please You, and to feel Your need to control and possess me. My 'vanilla' listings have not come close to filling these needs ... so here i am.
Why did it take me so long to "come out" here with a listing that reflects my true sexuality? Niteflirt is, after all, supposed to be about sexuality, isn't it?
There were several reasons for my hesitation. One is that i succumb to Dominance s-o-o-o easily and s-o-o-o deeply: it doesn't take much to put me in an altered state, in which my only reality is Master's pleasure and my connection to life is Master's voice. It's a passive, receptive state over which i have little control ... and that makes me vulnerable. Unfortunately, there are Dominants who either don't understand this kind of deep response or don't care what happens to the sub they dominate. Whatever the reason, they don't bother to bring me back to everyday consciousness when they're done with me.
Instead of the aftercare expected of a responsible Dominant, these guys leave me beached high and dry in a state of submissive vacuity ... and that is not a good thing for a sub like me.

Then there are the guys who seem to have confused Dominance with misogyny. Basically they're looking to vent their anger toward women, and see submissives as the perfect target. I suppose there are women who get off on this sort of thing, but i'm not one of them. As a submissive, it's hard for me to refuse anyone -- but if someone is looking to get his rocks off by demeaning me, i have to turn him away.
In the end, my need to serve overcame my fear of abuse -- and so here i am. Now that i'm here, won't You give me a call ... and let me please You?