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April Rain

Cuckhold In A Whole Diffrent Way!


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You've always known that your woman isn’t really satisfied with you. It’s no big surprise, who would be? You know that when you are with her she is doing what she feels she has to for the relationship. She's not doing it out of lust or a hope to be satisfied. She gave up on that, and you, a long time ago. You men never know what the hell you are doing. All that grunting and thrusting, silly faces and awkward groping. And you sweat. Like hairy fucking pigs you sweat and stink of it. You actually think women like that shit? If you do you are every bit the moron she told me you are. She doesn’t need you to fuck her. You're a waste of time. She doesn’t need some other, "better" man to fuck her... all of you men are clueless. What she needs is a woman to fuck her like a man is supposed to, better than any man ever could. What she needs is me and considering what men are like today, that conclusion should be obvious to you. When I arrive I'll already be wearing my strap-on under my skirt. I love to wear my cock when I go out, letting it loosely hang there, swaying as I walk, the bulge catching the eye of others as I stroll by. Shock appears in the eyes of many who notice, but that’s usually replaced quickly by a longing stare they can’t hide. How many of those men whose eyes linger want to drop to their knees and suck my dick? How many of the women wish I would bend them over and fuck them right there in front of everyone? Their time will come someday, if I feel charitable. Like a good boy, you'll answer the door when I knock. Your eyes will be averted since you know I have no interest in making contact with a thing like you, other than for you to hold the door open as I enter. You'll then show me where she is waiting, her pussy all hot and wet, her clit swollen and excited for what she wants so badly. And then you'll sit yourself in the corner and shut up. I'm always ready to help some poor girl in need, especially one as desperate for a good fucking as yours. You'll watch her deep throat me like you've always wished she would you. So many things you've wanted her to do but she never would. Things you thought she didn’t like, but will fast realize she just didn’t like to do with you, but has always wanted to do with someone truly worth giving all of herself to. And you'll watch because we both want you to. Oh, not because we get off on you being there, you're too much of a joke for that. And no, she doesn’t want you there because she has some hope you'll actually learn something from me, she knows you're completely hopeless. No, we both want you to watch so we can laugh at you. Simple as that. So you can see just how much of a man you aren’t. So you can watch a woman with a strap-on fuck your girl better than you or any other man could ever imagine. And as I'm fucking her I'll make sure she tells you so. Tells you how much she loves my cock. Tells you how wet her cunt is as I fill her, and how hard I make her cum. Tells you how much of a disgusting, worthless loser you are, and how my dick owns her. Perhaps when we are done I'll let you lick her juices off my cock. Who knows, maybe that is your true calling in the bedroom? A cocksucker, on your knees, crawling at the feet of your wife and the woman who finally satisfied her. And believe me, I am going to satisfy her. When I am done not only will you know it, your neighbors will too. And they will also know it wasn’t you who did it, because you will tell them.
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