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your wettest dream and your worst nightmare

Oh boy Oh boy ... Here is your wettest dream and your worst nightmare rolled into one.... I am a bit quirky at to be around.. the Leader in the group .. I am the bossy type the one that you will think about 24/7!! I have become the woman of your dreams.. The one who will take the leash and guide you, mold you, make you what you will become under me.. I will turn your world upside down and inside out BUT you will enjoy it.. you will soon be thinking of me all the time.. I will consume your time, your thoughts , your dreams.. you will be addicted to me ... I am what you want to take home to your family but I am also the one she warned you about... I will for warn you -- before you go any further-- you will become addicted to me!! Just face it... the faster you do the easier it will be to accept it!! Don't take my kindness as a weakness-- I am a very kind Domme but during a session the gloves come off and the bitch comes out!!! Be careful what you ask for...... cause I will give it! I have and will always be in control so NO trying to top from the bottom!! NOT now or ever!! Will not happen.. I am not a switch! I will tell you this I am the best thing that will come into your life... Do not take my laughter or my kindness at times as a weakness-- cause when you do I will turn into the cruel..cold hearted bitch that will put ya right back in your place! I am highly sought after so do NOT waste my time if you do not intend to serve me in the ways that I want... I do not BEG for anything.... I will not accept the answer NO for anything..... I have found that I do not have to be the leather wearing-- paddle swinging Domme that has come to be the "image" of the D/s lifestyle!! I am ME!! And you will LOVE it!!