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The Thought of Being Fucked Over Has You Hard

Hardcore - A POZ faggot fuckover

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The Steps to Becoming an Owned Faggot

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The Detailed Life of an Owned Faggot

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I know why you are here. Maybe others know your a fag, maybe they dont, but in any case, no one would understand your real desire, your secret need, to kneel before and serve a superior Man. Just as you cannot control your skin color, you cannot control your need to be owned, to live your life serving a Master. It is simply what you are. A submissive faggot. You know it. So you're here. Right where submissive fags belong. If you are either afraid to, or simply cannot, call, email me fag.

Is it possible for it to become reality fag? Of course it is. It cannot happen overnight, the quick fix is nothing but a fantasy. Real service will be incorporated in your everyday life, slowly adding the meaning you long for and have craved for, in many cases, decades. You will be abused as I see fit, and used at my discretion, and all the while you will crave me more, spending nights stroking with the vivid memory of our interactions running through your mind. I have married men thinking of me as they fuck their wives, and gay men wishing it was me pounding them as their partner slides inside your pussy. I will be what you think about, what you work for, what you crave. And in serving, you will reach the point you have dreamt about; serving a real Master.

So you sit there, cock in hand, wanting to get off. Going through the listings, hoping one jumps out at you and makes that cock twitch. You have thought about financial domination, and it excites you, but you are also convinced it is either not something you can afford or simply it is a slope you will somehow avoid. Faggot, if you are here, it will happen soon, so take some practical steps to make it a reality now.

Extreme pain and humiliation.

If the possibility of finally being free of the pressure that tiny cock brings is something you have thought about, click here.

This is the hottest shit I have ever written. I am not going to say much about it fag. Enjoy

What is financial domination?

Money makes the world go round fag, and gives everyone an identity. It allows you to survive, as well as many additional pleasures. Is there a better way to dominate a man that to control his wealth? Many pigs have been stripped naked, kneeling before me, begging to suck my cock, needing to be humiliated, and while for that pre-orgasmic moment I control them, having complete access to the cash they (you) have worked hard for is what makes them tick, and that desire to serve remain even when that shitcock is not screaming for attention. And the next step begins with the wallet fuckover.

What is a wallet rape?

A wallet fuckover is simply a painful draining that takes place while your inhibitions are severely diminished in a trance like state. It begins small, with your cock already hard, as you click cash over to your Master. Soon, however, you are no longer clicking to obtain a picture or even my words, but for the sheer pleasure of giving, and in this state there is no end to what you will click away. Fags have lost thousands in a hard wallet fuckover. While these provide a huge rush and an amazing orgasm, making real financial servitude possible takes more. Need a little more detail?

What are the next steps?

Control. Allow your Master access to your finances, and work together to find ways to sacrifice more. Where can the luxuries in life be cut to continue to please me? Make a list of practical suggestions. Daily coffee, movies, eating out are all key areas that can be adjusted. Making these sacrifices will also serve as daily reminders of your new place beneath me. While adjusting your non-necessities is a great step, true submission comes when your real needs are adjusted as well. Why pay a mortgage, when a rent allows more for your Master? Will a hybrid car allow more to offer Me? How about a second job, faggot?

What is Blackmail?

Financial domination has something in common with most fetishes. For most, the idea gets them off, and once you cum, the desire leave until you are hard again. Submitting to blackmail with a Master is like being married fag; although there are times you dont want it, you're stuck. Knowing the desire is not always there to serve, yet having the threat of your secrets known to others in your "vanilla" world, makes sure you are really committed to serving, even when that pathetic cock is limp between your legs. Think fag - you have just completed your monthly budget, when a demand from your Master comes in. You can't afford it, so you must make a hard decision. Miss your car payment and pay a late fee, or fail to serve and have a few interesting emails go out to your boss? Not much to think about there fag, is there?

If you believe you are ready for this step, click here for the application.

This is what will happen fag:

1. You will purchase the application, read it, and while considering the thought of sending it; shoot a load. Then...

2. Start filling it out, think about sending it, and shoot another load. Then...

3. Completely fill it out, think about me calling you or sending a letter to someone you know containing your little secret, then shoot another load. Then...

4. Completely chicken out, as fags do, until you get hard again, and then re-read it, then shoot a load.

Here is the letter that will go out once I own you and you fail to serve properly.

Some specific topics cannot be discussed on this page. For additional details, click here

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