Phone Sex

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Queen Madison

Blue Balls Anyone? Good, PAY for them.

NOTE: Get permission before calling or I am not inclined to pick up.

My sultry voice and manipulative expertise will leave you trembling, blue-balled & aching to appease My every perverse whim and sick fantasy. Just a pawn in My accessory to My pleasure. you are nothing more & don't forget it fuck-toy.

I know of your weakness. Always thinking with the wrong head, that useless appendage between your legs. That constant nuisance of a hard-on which makes you late for every business meeting. Losing sleep as you wank to images of Superior Goddesses such as Myself.

I'm a diabolical tease, who will have you wetting your panties from the moment you step through My door. A natural sadist, I've always enjoyed imparting torment to the droves of men who've followed. Enchanting, ensnaring and defiling My victims has become like ritual to Me. Yes, I relish in reducing you to man mush before My very eyes. Crawl hither little man...

I am an infamous American Mistress & high stakes Fin Domme, who thoroughly enjoys mind-fucking men, exposing and exploiting their weaknesses for My own amusement. I require TOTAL control. I will dictate your every move and fantasy.

That's right bitches, I specialize in:

  • Goddess Worship
  • Mind-Fuck & Manipulation
  • Darkly Erotic Mind Control & Roleplay
  • Mind bending Seductress- Draining you in EVERY possible way
  • Jerkoff Tutorial
  • Seduction & DENIAL
  • Humiliation & Degradation
  • Fetish Exploration
  • Financial Ruin
  • Foot, Shoe & Stocking Worship
  • Orgasm Control
  • Relentless Slut Training
  • SPH
  • Service My Lover’s Cock
  • Taboo Role-Play
  • Behavior Modification
  • Sissy-Bitch Training
  • Cuckold Fantasy
  • PMS Whipping Boy
  • Auditions: Filthy Clean-Up Service boys
  • Chastity Regimens
  • Torture