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I am your beautiful Geek, Trinity! I love long talks and guys that are just as Geeky as me! Why? Cuase Geeks are HOT!! My fav movies are Star Wars and V for Vendetta! I love playing my brand new wii and I am obsessed with trying to finish Halo 1&2 on my xbox. Although I love playing games I am absolutely horrible at it! So MAYBE you can kick my ass.  Don't play nice.. cuase I am not gonna!  I want to tear you up!

You can now play wii live with me!! I just got it set up!! So for $2 buy my friend code and add me to your friend roster! Or call me now and I will add you while we talk!  Right now the only games I have to play against you is Super Smash Bros Brawl!  I JUST got it like 2 days ago.

$2 for my friend code!

Want to buy me a new wii game?  Well it looks like they cost about $50, so send the money and the name of the game and I will get it so we can play together!!

$50 game and free game play

I want to kick your ass on Halo 3, unfortunatly I don't have a 360.. why don't you purchase one for me!!

$350 to buy a 360

I love to bike and go hiking! I am interested in learning about many different things which is why I am fascinated with science! Things that turn me on are fast cars, hot chicks and geeky guys/girls! I look forward to doing spontanious things and making people smile! Do you want to be my boyfriend? I am pretty new to all this, but I think I am catching on! These listings are all just phone.. but if you wan to see me on cam.. check out this!!! Also I set up my very own site.. where you can find every single listings.. and lots of bonuses if you join.. hehehehe.. I hope you check it out!