Phone Sex

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Cuckold Husbands;If you were a real man I wouldn't

The Stroke Manager

I know it's only been a short year since we've been married. But I have something important to confess to you. Don't take it personal but, I've been sleeping with your boss for the last six months.

I know you must feel shocked. Remember that buisness trip you took me on? Remember the day of that big meeting and your boss was a no show and you and Randy had to do the presentation with out him? Well that morning when you had left for work I woke up with your boss in our hotel room, I must of been sleeping when he had come in.

I woke up with his arms tight around me and his naked huge cock pressed up against my ass. He kept whispering to me how I was the most beautiful thing he'd ever seen. How he was going to make me a real woman. I tried to push him off, but his dick was so hard and big, so much bigger then yours. I was so curious. I let him take me, ever since then your little dick has not pleased me

Rules While On The Phone With Princess

  1. You may call me Princess or Mistress.
  2. You will tell me to the best of your ability what your kink is.
  3. You will be open minded, but you are required to tell me what you do and don't like. I may decide to test your limits.
  4. Your job is to be a good little pervert for MY Benefit.
  5. If you hang up without saying good-bye you'll be sent a 20$ Hang Up Tax. If not paid in the next 24hrs I will block you.
  6. Respect Respect Respect, How hard is it people?!

  7. xo Princess