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Sissy Nancy Pin Dicked Fairy, Search No Further

The Stroke Manager

Fairy you have come to the right place. I'm your Princess and if you are lucky I'll make you part of my Fairy harem. Girls just like you that our dying to please me. To make my food, do my laundry and suck the pussy juices from my panties. Just to name a few little errands.

I'm the Princess and grand ruler of your clitty. Your pansy wand will belong to me and only me. Forget about trying to pretend your a man. You're not! If you were, you would of not got this far into my post. And your tinkle wand would not be so incredible hard right now, not to mention your erect nipples.

I want your *cough* men clothes gone, and your submissive ass pointed up in the air for my pleasure. Do it now and get on the phone, I'll make you my bitch.

My sexy sweet voice and raunchy mind will make you crazy.

Rules While On The Phone With Princess

  1. You may call me Princess or Mistress
  2. You will tell me to the best of your ability what your kink is
  3. You will be open minded, but you are required to tell me what you do and don't like. I may decide to test your limits.
  4. Your job is to be a good little pervert for MY Benefit
  5. If you hang up without saying good-bye you'll be sent a 20$ Hang Up Tax. If not paid in the next 24hrs I will block you.
  6. Respect Respect Respect, How hard is it people!

  7. xo Princess

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