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The Stroke Manager

Put that cock back in your pants!!! You don't have permission to stroke yet. That meat is mine bitch--I've always owned lots of dicks. They always get so hard for me. They say I'm a tease, but I can't help being beautiful and powerful, no more then you can help being a compulsive wanker.

I'm the Princess and grand ruler of your pull stick. I'll have you edging, moaning and pleading for release. Do you think I'll grant it? I might if you've been good, or I just might order you to slide that cb 3000 over your hard prick and mail me the key.

It’s very amusing to be out in public and see all the men that get hard-ons around me it’s obvious from the tent they are pitching in their pants. That’s when I really turn on the eye batting and charm-making sure they catch me look at their erection. Big or small it’s a thrill to put them on the spot.

Huge or minuscule, I know how to torture your dick for my pleasure. I enjoy hearing your panting, moaning and begging. Just as much as you enjoy gazing at my pictures and listening to my sexy sweet voice.

xo Princess

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