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Golden Secret Mistress


Feminizing you is merely my demonstration to you how superior women are, making your inner realizations an outer reality. Once you go down this path, you will never be able to go back.
This is your chance to confess your closet cock sucking secret thoughts. Are your glory hole fantasies or closet (B.B.C) big beautiful cock loving dreams have you tossing and turning in bed? Maybe your tired of dreaming of being a cuckold and need me to help you become one. Hummmmmmm, I think I can work with that, lol.

BBC Lover in your fantaisies about serving hot women like me? I can help you bring out that filthy side that your mate could never understand. Why do you think about sucking cock or Bcc Banging your wife? Look closeted man whore your best bet is to slip on your girlie panties, grab your credit card and call me. Don't explode in those stolen undies like a lonely pervert because I'm here to make it all so much more intense.

What is your BBC confession or Fetish? Your secret can be my secret but you'll have to keep me happy. One Idea:Nothing like you on your knees as I blind fold you and politely restrain your hands behind your back. You hear strange male voices in the back ground. Finally ripping your blind fold off, and you grovel for the attention of one out of the three athletic ripped well hung men to grind his boxer covered cock in your horny faggot face.
Another Idea:Cross Dressing - Enforced feminization with punishment, Sissy slut training, Trampy slut puff makeovers, Sissy Slut Slumber Party nothing like having you dressed up and ready to make me laugh by putting on that Strap-on sucking show I love so much, Bimbo Strap On Bitch a little tippy on wine and you'll do anything. Those are just some of my favorite ways to train my sluts with man-clits between their stocking and high heels. . . yes, I am graphic.
More About Me:Everyone has always thought of me as the sweet little girl-next-door - the one who get's straight As, perky,wholesome, milk chocolate cheerleader, etc; you know, the girl who has it all together and never raises her voice. What if I told you that I have a completely different side to me? A raunchy, naughty side that surfaces when I'm with older guys - much older than me? What if I admit I like taking advantage of that “dynamic” shall we say. Corrupting the older man is somehow more satisfying, it makes me wet just thinking about it. Yes, plan for a long call. Once you get on the phone with me, you won't want to let me go . . .

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