Phone Sex

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Dommes BritishGirl and Amanda

Nevermind the Pants - We Have Plans for You

The first thing you should understand is not all men were made to be revered. While some are suitable for sensual pleasures and breeding, some shouldn't have had a cock at all. Some should have been perfectly flat in their groin.

It isn't our fault.

... but we aim to correct that mistaken identity of yours.

Perhaps you'll come willingly, relishing your new station in life. If you don't, however, be sure that we have ways to work around your smattering of willpower.

Hang up your mask of masculinity -- because we're going to see to it that you're softened.
What do you dream about in feminization? Becoming a whore, or a prim, lacy girl? Do you imagine being eased into it, over time, with gentle plying -- or is it more carnal, more rough, more spontaneous?

Will we play with your hair at the boutique or put you to work in the brothels?

Mocking (whether gentle or severe)
Hair and Make-Up
Girlish Dress-Up
Transformations (fleeting or medical)
Mental Reworking
Bodily Alteration
... and much more!

If you're unsure if a fantasy would suit us, or would like to give details before calling, just drop us an email!

(Note: While we shall gladly fashion you into our little lessie, neither of us are lesbian.)