Phone Sex

: Looking for the best phone sex? You've found it, here at NiteFlirt.

Money isn't everything, of course.

But we hardly think you've the cock or charm to compensate, which is why you'll have that wallet handy, at all times.

We don't expect you to dazzle us with conversation, and we're fully prepared to entertain ourselves with reminiscing of our lives, plans and lovers while you hopelessly wank away.

That is what you're hoping to do, right? While other men go on dates, or chat up the ladies, you're paying for women to speak to you -- because it's even more pathetic, when you masturbate all alone.

There will be moments when you think us very sweet, nearly caring. Those moments won't last. In fact, they'll only butter you up so you crash even harder.
Ejaculating in the presence of not just one lady -- but two?? Oh, but you'll remember this day, won't you?

Don't expect pity. Don't expect us to waste our manners on someone incapable of pleasing. If your penis is in one hand, your paycheck had best be in the other. We won't hesitate to hang up if overly bored or insufficiently pampered.

No one is going to care how we speak to you -- and no one is going to tend to your wounds.

Tears and Tips Gladly Accepted.

(note: We are *not* lesbians. And so, we shall not accept requests to that end.)