Phone Sex

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Just thinking about my favorite corporate slut in his suit, tie and polished shoes (with the little tassels) makes me wet! The man who sits behind a desk all day and orders people around is the man I want on his knees worshipping my black leather pumps.

One of my favorite things to do is to make an appointment to meet in his office. Once there, the door is locked and the secretary is told to hold all calls. I take my place in that big mahogany chair. What a rush it is to have him kneel and kiss my black leather stilettos! I unbutton his shirt and lightly scratch his nipples with my long red nails, all the while telling him who the REAL boss is. I lean over and whisper in his ear, " Get undressed now, slut." He knows he is in for it.

I like to wear my pinstriped skirt with black stiletto pumps to his office. It was tailor-made to fit snug around my full hips nicely. My stockings are sheer black with back seams. Under a matching pinstriped vest, I wear a white lacy push up bra and a white silk blouse.

I open my bag of treats and retrieve a leather cock sheaf I had especially designed for his hard corporate slut prick. I fasten the strap tightly around his dick and balls and then the shaft is laced up tight, completely encasing his cock and balls in leather. Then I have my own big hard leather "human dildo" to do with as I please. I stroke it up and down roughly and slap it so it bobs around amusingly.

I squeeze his leather-encased prick. "Who does this piece of meat belong to, slut?" "You, Mistress" is his ritualistic reply. I force a bit-gag in his mouth before grabbing him cruelly and bending him across his own desk for my pleasure. He knows better than to struggle. I tell him about my new toy, the Paradise Electro-stimulator, in detail. I explain how effortlessly I can bring him great pleasure or excruciating pain. It’s all up to me. As I begin to pour the olive oil on the butt plug attachment, I walk around so he can get a look at what I am going to impale him with. The butt plug is clear acrylic with two copper bands running down its length. It's extremely smooth and moderately sized. I was told when I inquired about purchasing it, that the electrical currents running through it would make the muscles in my slaves ass contract, giving the erotic sensation of being fucked.

I have so much fun with My corporate slut. I encourage all submissive playtoys to call and inquire about My time with him. I know you will enjoy imagining yourself in his place. Call Me now to hear all the exciting and nasty details. You had better tell your secretary to hold all calls.