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Vicki Licki

Bratty Princess Loves being GREEDY AND SPOILED

You've come...
I knew you would. You couldn't resist my beauty, and my sultry voice. My eyes entrapped you, intoxicating your senses. Your heart skipped a beat, you felt the rushing warmth through your body, and the throb in your groin...
I've pulled you in, and now that you're here you want to stay. You feel the overwhelming desire inside of you building as you read my words, don't you? You want to care for me, take care of me, provide for me, spoil me... and the list goes on.
You want to make me smile and keep me smiling.
You love to buy me sexy clothes, send me to the salon and make sure I can go out and have some fun on the town.
It's all about me here, and I love that...
You want a real woman, like me,one that shares her mind, always remains in control either through a smile while being a cock tease, or just taking it because its already mine and you're just the ATM holding it momentarily for safe keeping.
Either way I want to explore your mind, giggle as you spoil and worship me. Lets chat and have some fun!
You know you will pay for my:
New Clothes:

New shoes:


Hair salon appointments:

Adopt a Bill!



You know that you're only happy when you have made me happy!

You know you can't resist this voice, these eyes, my perfect breasts, the curve of my hips, and my twisted sexy smile....
So come on and spoil me rotten!

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